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Sugar Mama: Het Shota Fans
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Sugar Mamas
Shota (ショタ) is a Japanese term for a sexual complex where an adult is attracted to an underage boy, or in which two underage boys are attracted to one another. Straight shota (het shota) is less common and features young boys, but includes women or girls as pairs for them. More info can be found here.

sugarmamas is a community that will focus solely on Straight Shota graphic art (which includes manga, doujinshi, fan-fiction, icons, layouts, links, wallpapers, and just about anything else that is related to straight shota).

» This community is 18+. Anyone underage will be banned.
» Straight Shota is the only thing that will be accepted (transsexuals are allowed).
» Anything reality related is forbidden (this includes links and/or solicitation).
» Straight Shota is defined as animated depictions of older women (18+) with little boys (under 12). Let there be no confusion =D
» Play Nice. Anyone who fights or flames will be banned.
» Everything must be placed behind a lj-cut with the proper format.
» Scat isn't allowed. No exceptions.
» Have Fun.

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